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Who we are

JustChange is a group of twelve changemakers committed to supporting the community

What we do

JustChange accelerates great ideas through $1,000 bi-monthly grants to initiatives proposed by individuals or organizations that provide positive environmental, social and/or economic outcomes

How we do it

Every two months the JustChange board seeks out ideas through a ‘Request For Proposals’ and then collectively chooses which one to fund

“Never underestimate the power of a small group of people to change the world. In fact, it is the only way it ever has.”

Margaret Mead
What's new at JustChange?
Gotta Go! is JustChange's eighth grant winner.
Our Eighth Grant Winner: GottaGo!

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. If you’ve ever searched for a public restroom downtown, one thing becomes very apparent, very quickly: there are […]

Accessibility for Humanity receives grant

  Meet Chris Binkowski. In December, Chris came to our sixth grant JustDrinks event and spoke to me about an idea that he was working […]

JustChange: Decision-making by consensus

JustChange is a group of people who make decisions by consensus.  This is no small feat; some of us knew each other before we began […]

Giving Tuesday
GivingTuesday: A Post on Giving

“The great source of both the misery and disorders of human life, seems to arise from over-rating the difference between one permanent situation and another”. […]

JustChange CompassTeens
CompassTeens: Young people want to learn

Young people want to learn We’re pleased to introduce our newest grant winner: The Compass Centre for Self-Directed Learning! Open to teens since January 2013, […]

It’s not an idea until you make it happen

It’s much more than $1000 There are just so many reasons why we put our own money to support initiatives in Ottawa. Yes, there is […]

Socialwash or Social Phenomenon?

Why is it that we think we’re doing something great when we add the word “social” in front of a word? Social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, […]


We are excited to announce the addition of Louise Grace to the JustChange team. Louise joins the existing 11 Co-Founding Board Members in accelerating and […]

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